Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teh Gays!

Looks like gay rights might be some time coming in the East:

Trolley-bus drivers in a Lithuanian town refused to drive their vehicles while they were carrying advertisements promoting tolerance toward gay men and women, a company official said Monday.

Algirdas Krivickas, director of the trolley bus company in Kaunas, said employees had reacted strongly to the adverts which read: "A gay can serve in the police" and "A lesbian can work at school."

Drivers had refused to take out trolley buses bearing the adverts. These had now been taken down.

"Some said they feared the trolley bus could be vandalized, some said they do not want friends to laugh at them," Krivickas said.

Conservative attitudes are common in the former eastern bloc.

It's actually a bit weird in Russia. Public attitudes are very po-faced indeed. But cottaging in hte parks isn't regarded as "gay"'s not true to say that someone who has gay sex is gay. Weird.

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