Thursday, November 19, 2009

What does modern drug treatment look like?

Well, if we're to be honest, modern drug treatment looks a lot like what the Pat Moore Foundation does in Orange County. That is, takes the things we've learned about addiction and its treatment over the years and apply them in a caring and sensitive environment. The first and most obvious point that we've had to grasp to move into this modern world is that addicion is a disease, a disease that requires treatment. Once we had in fact grasped that we could then move on to trying to work out what was the best form of treatment for it.

That best form though has proven highly elusive. It seems that there is no one best treatment: other than the best being whatever gives the best outcome for the specific individual. Drug treatment is as if there were five, eight, ten different treatments for a cold and you didn't know which one was going to work best until you actually started treatment. So we've learnt further that to be effective a treatment house needs to be able to offer all those treatments which have proven successful for some. This will range from near entirely medical interventions through to therapy and yes, the 12 step program first worked out by AA. As each individual is different so is the treatment they will respond to.

The final seriously important thing that we've worked out about drug treatment is that it is often not the only problem. We thus recognize dual diagnosis as being an important point. Not just, "what are they addicted to?" but also why are they addicted? Is there, whether physical or psychological, another problem that also needs to be dealt with as part of the treatment?

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Emmanuel Lewis

Wow, this enttry on Emmanuel Lewis doesn't really do him any favours.

OK, so they get all of the details right. Emmanuel Lewis is indeed African American, he is indeed short and he is indeed an actor who has been in a number of TV shows and has had the honour of appearing in an episode of South Park (well, a cartoon of Emmanuel Lewis appeared in South Park with his voice).

But the slightly unfair part is that they imply that Emmanuel Lewis' career was rather manufactured. In essence, that Gary Coleman was a star as a short African American actor on TV so they looked around for another short African American actor to turn into a TV star and alighted upon Emmanuel Lewis.

Hey, it might even be true, but it's not very kind to actually go around saying so, is it?